Residential Pest Control You Can Count On

No matter if your home is brand-new or old, you will likely have a pest problem eventually. Los Angeles, California is home to lots of different bugs and insects consisting of ants, bees, bed bugs, roaches, mice, spiders, weevils, flies, fleas and more. Fortunately, we have the exceptional extermination options that will certainly put your concerns at ease and remove the filthy, unwanted guests in your home.

It is our objective to keep unwanted insects out of your house and safeguard you and your household from unfavorable bugs and insects. We take your safety seriously and it is our primary concern when we come to treat your residence.

residential pest treatments in los angeles

We can protect your home from unwanted pests!

Effective Pest Techniques for Homes

You have most likely already experienced a pest issue, such as roaches, spiders, ants and bed bugs. Our current visits to Los Angeles houses have consisted of managing these annoyances, among others. However, we have likewise been letting clients know that bed bugs have actually begun to show up more throughout Los Angeles so it’s important to keep an eye out.

Residential properties in Los Angeles are at danger for bed bugs, as is any city across all the states. They will quickly spread if not attended to immediately so we recommend if you travel a lot, buy pre-owned furniture and items commonly, or go to a variety of locations in or outside of town regularly, to inspect your house often so you can detect a bed bug intrusion before it becomes an infestation.

Residential Pest Prevention Services

When it comes to protecting your home from creepy crawlies and rodents, there are certain things you can do as a homeowner, to increase your protection. This involves inspecting your home completely on the outside to determine any trouble areas where the bugs could be entering. Do your screens have holes? Could a lot of tiny bugs be entering your home through the windows? Is your weather-stripping in good condition? This is crucial in keeping small and quick insects from scurrying on inside unnoticed and undetected. We can help you perform a thorough inspection when you give us a call.

The Importance of a Pest Inspection

Having a licensed professional inspect your property for termites and general pests can be very beneficial. Some bugs can be exterminated easily and rather quickly, while others can take much longer to completely remove. With an inspection you get a chance to notice any potential risks already present on your property and have them fixed before the insects can start invading your home. And for termite inspections, those are beneficial because they cause expensive damage to structures and having regular inspections can help you avoid any costly repairs.

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Even if you’re not presently encountering a concern with bugs you may be interested in our preventative plans and options to guarantee you are protected from undesirable insects, bugs and rodents all year long. Phone us at (323) 621-3055 right now to discover our variety of treatments and plans. We look forward to working with you!