Quality Ant Control Solutions

There is no individual who desires having ants in their home. A Plus Pest Control of Los Angeles provides extermination for these little invaders to the Los Angeles and surrounding area. Like many other common LA pests, different species of ants will require different treatments. Some easier than others but our exterminators can help you determine the extent of the issue when we come out to inspect the activity.

ant treatments in los angeles

Ants can be difficult to fully eliminate on your own. Let us help!

Sugar Ants in Los Angeles, CA

Sugar ants are generally an unwanted pest throughout the Los Angeles area and we have actually worked on a lot of homes recently regarding these kitchen invaders.

While the majority of ants are generally harmless to humans they can be an annoying nuisance because of their tiny size and large numbers.Because they travel in large groups, following each other’s scent, it only enhances the aggravation of property owners.

Long-Lasting Ant Control At Your Fingertips

Over-the-counter solutions only work to a certain extent but never fully remove the scent trail which means they will continue to appear and come back for more. If you’d like extensive, effective relief from irritating ants you’ll want to phone our Los Angeles exterminators at (323)621-3055.